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Griselda Duch is a photographer from Barcelona.

She captures imagery addressing landscape, still life and architectural photography. 
Searching for the unstable presence of the beauty, her photographs are all linked to a certain aesthetic and atmosphere, where she seeks to express her inner vision of the world.
Applying a strong sensibility to light and color, her photography is about evoking emotion without lending a key result but giving an open ending.

Fubiz, Ignant, Bofill ArquitecturaFleur and Arbor, Le Cool Magazine, Passion Passport (1, 2), YET Magazine, Unrated, Fisheye Magazine, International Photography Magazine, This Isn’t Happiness™, HUCK Magazine, Ludique Magazine, TRIP Magazine, Artwort, Float Photo Magazine, Clavoardiendo Magazine, OSSO Magazine, C-41 Magazine, PHROOM Magazine, Lamono Magazine

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