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Personal Work

In the series Balearica I begin a narrative story in a trip
to the second largest of the Balearic Islands, Menorca.
Being in love with places I had never been and feeling an urge to explore,
Balearica tries to transmit the mystery of the unknown and the unstable presence of the beauty.

Daring to live the journey you've always wanted, the pictures illustrate sceneries of neon hues, dazzling lights, turquoise backgrounds, all togheter subtly appealing a summer dream.

Capturing a brief voyage, Balearica is definitely a metaphor of an unavoidable "Ferweh".

Articles: Unrated, YET Magazine, Passion Passport, HUCK Magazine, TRIP Magazine,
Artwort, Float Photo Magazine, Clavoardiendo Magazine, Photo/Foto Magazine

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